Yoke Lifter Hoist Sling

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Lifter hoist sling provides support to patients who have a problem with controlling their upper body. It is designed to lift patients from the chair and reclined positions (floor and bed).

ProSlingTGA Health Safety Registration


  • There are various sizes : medium, large and small. The weight capacity of the patients should be up to 205 kilograms/300 kilograms.
  • The product is easy to use and also safe in homes and other environments like institutions. It is simple to fit the sling because it has adjustable straps. Therefore, helping in lifting the patient in various positions.
  • It serves many purposes like transferring patients/toileting, maintaining hygiene and also washing. By the use of the sling, the patients move in whichever direction they want because it is safe and comfy.
  • It is suitable for bathing because water passes through it efficiently. There is sufficient air circulation because of availability of vents in its mesh. The sling has handles that are brightly colored in order to easily access them and also for them to be visible enough.

Additionally, for microbiological control, it can be washed up to 85 C. It can be washed by a machine or hands and should be air dried in a warm room or under a shade. Moreover, it suits a big percentage of lifters in the market.



Download: Sling Size Selection Chart
Download: Slings Rang eGuide

Weight : 5 kg
Dimensions : 10 x 10 x 10 cm