Triple Layer Eggshell Mattress

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Triple Layer EggShell Plus Hospital Mattress is made specifically for medical settings and patient pressure care. Designed for comfort, durability and ongoing toughness. The product is ideal for resting and sleep. This mattress boasts superior quality and genuine comfort and reliability.

Mattress pressure sensitivity performance is second to none with this Hospital Mattress. With expert manufacturing, the mattress outperforms in all categories of comfort, strength, durability and ingenuity.

Special Features

  • Triple contoured memory foam,
  • 150mm extra thickness,
  • Lightweight durable design,
  • Medium density comfort, quality manufacturing and effective design for extra comfort and ongoing durability.

  • Patient care is effortless with The Triple Layer EggShell Hospital Mattress. Designed specifically for patient care. The foam is firm, contoured and supportive to individual desirability. Especially catered for frail, aged and post surgery patients.

    The mattress is made with medium density memory foam to aid support for the neck, back and limbs. The Triple Layer Plus Hospital Mattress caters for every individual patient; and it is specified and engineered for electric and/or manual hospital beds.

    Works well in combination with the Hospital Mattress Overlay; and the Hospital Mattress Underlay. An excellent edition to any medical, clinical or care facility. Genuine top performer for any patient load.

    Weight 10 kg
    Dimensions 95 × 23 × 23 cm