Triangular Shower Stool Low

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Prevent accidents in the shower, increase shower accessibility, and maintain comfort with the low Triangular Shower Stool. Daily hygiene can be maintained in a safe and comfortable way. Even the smallest shower can be made accessible to users who need to sit while showering.


  • The unique triangle seat shape, almost like a saddle, increases hip comfort while sitting, and makes standing easier.
  • Stool legs are independently height adjustable to allow for users of different sizes, or uneven floors.
  • Stool is lightweight, portable, and can be placed within the shower or removed with ease.
  • Triangular shaped seat can be used in a corner shower, to save space, or sat in with one of the rounded corner points facing forward, like a saddle, for increased hip comfort.
  • Each leg can be adjusted to four different heights to accommodate users of different heights.
  • Ferrules are large, and provide secure floor gripping for shower safety.
Download: Etac Shower Stools