Support Transfer Belt By Etac

Support Transfer Belt By Etac

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Support Transfer Belt By Etac

Adjustable non-slip belt with diagonally placed handles which permit a better grip for the caregiver while assisting patients during transfers or supporting them during walking and standing.

Key Features

  • The support belt comes in 3 different width and length combinations to offer 5 sizes to correctly fit all patients.
  • Each belt is also adjustable with the Acetal and nylon buckle to ensure a snug and safe fit around the patient's waist.
  • The two diagonally placed straps are made of tough-wearing polyester and polypropylene and offer the caregiver a secure ergonomic grip.
  • The non-slip nylon with PU coating inside the belt ensures that the belt stays in place to give the caregiver maximum control.

Intended to offer support to the patient when rising to their feet, or sitting down or when practising walking, as well as to help to move them safely during transfers between bed, wheelchair, toilet, chair and other locations.

The support belt boosts patient's confidence and makes mobilisation easier and safer for both the patient and the care giver. Hand washable and can be disinfected with alcohol.

Suitable for patients up to 150 kg.

Download: Support Transfer Belt By Etac