Smart Motion Sensor And Pager

Smart Motion Sensor And Pager

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Smart Motion Sensor and Pager

Wireless motion sensor is an ideal gadget to be used both in facilities and in homes, as it does not produce a lot of noise. It has a detecting coverage to report any kind of movement within the infrared area.

Smart Motion Sensor and Pager is a useful gadget that alerts a nurse or a caregiver about the residents activity using a pager without causing any disruptions to the residents. It eliminates the traditional noisy alarms, which used to be troublesome to residents; Smart Motion Sensor and Pager only alerts the caregiver via a pager.


Powered by an optional AC adaptor or three AAA batteries this gadget can be placed at a doorway or next to a resident's bed. If the sensor senses any kind of movement, it activates the pager immediately, notifying the nurse or the caregiver present of the movement.

It is easy and simple to set up, once you insert the batteries you are good to use it. The pager is small in size and can fit easily into the caregiverÕs pocket.

Smart Motion Sensor and Pager is wireless giving the caregivers freedom to remotely monitor the elderly's movement. It also has an optional modifiable mounting bracket.