Slimline Air Mattress & Concave Cover

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Slimline Air Mattress & Concave Cover

The Air Mattress #3 With Concave Positioning Cover is made by Premium. Boasting a well-renowned reputation for comfort and reliability. The product is highly agreeable to a variety of uses within the medical field. Used primarily for pressure area care.

Providing maximum comfort and durability; the Air Mattress #3 With Concave Positioning Cover is easy to use. The inbuilt pump makes light work for the user; enabling a relatively hands free set-up. Easy to follow instructions are included as an added feature of the quality product.

Amazing reviews have been given about the comfort, quality and time to set up the product. Premium is a leader in the field of quality mattress manufacturing. Ensuring customer comfort and quality; the lightweight material is of excellent quality. This product is a must for every medical or clinical setting.

This superior item is flawless in design; with minimal fuss in set-up time. Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. Pressure area care is achieved effortlessly with this superior product.

Special Features 

  • Extra cushioned support,
  • Easy clean fabric,
  • Waterproofed,
  • Inbuilt pump,
  • Tear-free fabric,
  • Concave positioning cover and quality manufacturing.
  • Suitable for in- home and/or clinical repetitive use.
  • Premium brand means;
  • Quality manufacturing and superior craftsmanship.
  • 2 year warranty and 120kg capacity.

Download: Air Mattress #3 by Premium