Shower Chair Stool by Etac

Shower Chair Stool by Etac

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Shower Chair Stool by Etac

Basic adjustable height shower stool can be quickly and easily converted into a chair with arm and back support to meet differing user needs.

Functional and versatile bathing and dressing aid which can be transformed to meet the changing needs of the patient. The stool is of a sturdy plastic with a special surface structure and multiple drainage holes which prevent it becoming slippery when wet. The semi-circular cut-out facilitates intimate hygiene.

Key Features

  • Each aluminium leg is individually adjustable to give 15cm of height variation, and has a secure lock feature. Setting the legs lower at the front can make getting up off the seat easier.
  • The soft ferrules on the feet adjust firmly to any surface and the stool is extremely safe and stable as the flexible seat accommodates to uneven floor surfaces.

No tools are required for assembly, adjustments or for securely attaching the separate arm and back rests to convert the stool into a chair. Seat and back pads are available for added comfort.


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Shower Stool Swift by Etac

Weight :
Seat dimensions :
54 x 50 cm
Weight Capacity : 130 kg
Height range :
Warranty : 5 year
Dimensions : 20 x 20 x 20 cm