SenTech Millennium Patient Turning

SenTech Millennium Patient Turning

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Lateral Rotation: Automatically turns patient up to 40¡

SenTech Millennium Patient Turning is designed to help non-ambulatory patients prevent bedsores. The patient turning mattress reduces pressure and keeps a gives a patient some mobility when confined to a bed.

SenTech Millennium Patient Turning is made of high quality materials suitable for medical use, the fabric on the mattress is specially designed to be breathable and reduce friction at points of contact.


  • Lateral Rotation which provides a turning motion for the non-mobile patient. This turning is achieved through a sequence of inflating and deflating air chambers within the mattress itself.
  • Continuously turn a patient up to 40¡.
  • Designed to accommodate a large range of patients and weights.
  • Material is soft and friction-less to reduce risks of bedsores or pressure points and it is easy to clean or sanitize.

A controlled Low Air Loss (LAL) creates an ideal temperature for patient comfort through a patented coverlet that allows air flow.

Air flow control helps regulate moisture and heat to reduce tissue damage in a non-ambulatory patient.

Download: SenTech Millennium Patient Turning Air Mattress