Rolyan Palm Shield

Rolyan Palm Shield

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Hand Contracture - Separate Fingers - Positioning Thumb - Latex Free

The Roylan Palm shield helps protect the user's hand, preventing skin ulcers and finger contractions while holding the hand comfortably in place. The splint is easily customized to fit any hand size.


  • The Royal Palm Shield is a medical device used often to alleviate discomfort from tightly closed fists and hands. The shield helps increase comfort for users with moderate to severe hand tightness and is recommended for use by patients at risk for skin breakdowns and finger contractions.
  • The shield can also be used to prevent patients from tugging or pulling on their feeding tubes. It conforms to the natural shape of the hand with a soft cone in the centre to help keep the wearer's grip in place.
  • The comfortable foam works by separating and positioning the fingers and thumb.
  • Latex-free finger separators help reduce skin ulcers.
  • The splint can easily be customized to fit the wearer and the material is made for easy breathing to wick away perspiration, and the finger pads are easily cleaned to maintain hygiene.
Please note that the price for this product is per hand.