Rebotec Yano - Rheumatism & Arthritis Crutches

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Rebotec Yano Rheumatism & Arthritis Crutches
Distributed weight over forearm instead of hand. Sold as a pair.

For people who have difficulty using normal crutches due to reduce arm and hand strength.


Rebotec Yano help prevent blisters on the palm, and are healthier for tendons in the wrist. This allows for a more pleasant experience while requiring support for short and long-term uses.

  • Wide velcro fastener forearm support
  • 10 height adjustment levels
  • Forearm and handle inclination adjustment
  • Rotating handles
  • Solid high diameter ferrule
  • 150 kg body weight capacity

  • Specifications

    Capacity :
    150 kg
    Height of forearm support :
    92 cm - 114 cm
    Width of forearm support max. :
    10 cm
    Diameter ¯ in mm :
    22/19 mm

    Country of origin Germany Design & Manufacture