Rebotec Quick N Easy - Underarm Crutches - Pair

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The upholstered rubber armpit holders ensure comfort, durability and easy manoeuvrability. The hand-grips are made of soft rubber for prolonged life and a comfortable and stable grip.

Designed to accommodate weights of various users up to 130kg. Crutches are sold in pairs (2pc).


Child Youth Adult Tall
Height of shoulder 83cm – 103cm 101cm – 121cm 118cm – 138cm 136cm – 156cm
Height of handle 48cm – 71cm 58cm – 81cm 68cm – 91cm 75cm – 98cm
Diameter Ø 19/22mm 19/22mm 19/22mm 19/22mm
Colour Blue, Red and Aqua Blue and Red Black Black