Rebotec Quadro - Quad Forearm Crutch

Rebotec Quadro - Quad Forearm Crutch

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Designed for those transitioning from a walker to a single point cane, the Rebotec Quadro Forearm Crutch offers outstanding stability and comfort.

The arm crutch includes a wide footprint with four interdependent rubber feet and a durable open forearm cuff with a cushiony rubber handle.

The four point crutch features a flexible design with ten adjustment settings, making it suitable for use with multiple patients and can be adjusted to each person’s height.

Stable quad forearm crutch with open cuff


  • Compression fitting for strong and confident stride without week weld points
  • Wide and stable footprint with 4 interdependent rubber ferrules
  • Flexible height with 10 adjustment settings


Height from handle to cuff 24 – 27 cm (adjustable)
Height of handle 67 – 89 cm (adjustable)
Diameter Ø in mm: 19
Capacity 100kg
Country of origin Germany (Design & Manufactured)