Rebotec Euro Polo Plus-T - Rollator Walker

Rebotec Euro Polo Plus-T - Rollator Walker

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Aluminium rollator with bag, dual action brake, foldable, includes a bag with puncture-proof tires. Made in Germany.

Polo plus-T rollator. The Polo Plus walker is a stable, lightweight rollator wheeled walker in stylish silver gray. The Polo Plus comes in 3 versions: small, regular and tall. The rollator comes standard with a bag.


  • Large Wheels - Large wheels allow the user to easily push the rollator over uneven ground.
  • Collapsible Pouch - While some prefer the basket, most people like having a collapsible walker pouch on their rollator. While baskets must be removed to fold the walker, a pouch can be left in place.
  • Large Adjustable Range - While you won't change the height of your rollator once you set it correctly, it is important to look at the range. You want the ability to adjust it an inch or two higher and lower than you think you need it, just in case.
  • Easy to Fold - Most people need to take their rollator in a vehicle, so it is important it can easily fold for transport. Also, some people like to be able to fold it in a restaurant so they can keep it near them without blocking the walkway.
  • Rollator Bag Included - Optional removable shopping bag accessory is also available.

Special Features

  • Double brake system
  • Reversible seat that doubles as a tray
  • Puncture proof tires
  • Height adjustable

    How to Measure for a Rollator

    Measure your handle height. To measure for the handle height, start by standing up straight with your shoes on. Have a friend or family member measure from the crease in your wrist to the ground. This measurement should be the approximate height of handle. 


      Small Regular Tall
    70 cm
    70 cm
    70 cm
    67 cm
    67 cm
    67 cm
    Height of handle
    64 cm-74 cm
    69 cm - 82 cm
    74 cm - 92 cm
    Seat height
    49 cm
    55 cm
    60 cm
    Seat width
    48 cm 
    48 cm 
    48 cm 
    7.4 kg
    7.6 kg
    7.8 kg
    120 kg 
    120 kg 
    120 kg