Ophthalmoscope & Charger

Ophthalmoscope & Charger

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Xenon Halogen - 5 Apertures - Range -20 D to +20D

The Ophthalmoscope & Charger is a powerful diagnostic tool that produces a clear and crisp image of accurate colour with the help of the Xenon Halogen light bulb for illumination, wide lens range of -20D to +20D and a selection of 5 different apertures.

The Ophthalmoscope makes use of XHL Xenon Halogen Technology to produce concentrated bright light for proper illumination and accurate colour rendering. The wide range of lenses, from -20D to +20D as well as the 5 different apertures, namely: small spot, large spot, semicircle, red-free filter and fixed, can be selected to best see the inside of the eye.


An integrated On/Off switch can be found on the pocket clip to make it possible to automatically switch the lights off once the otoscope is placed inside the pocket. It runs on 2 rechargeable AA batteries that are charged when the otoscope is placed on the included desktop charger stand.

Download: Instruction book


  • Weight 1 kg
  • Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm
  • XHL Xenon Halogen
  • Scratch resistant glass viewing window
  • Pocket clip with integrates ON/Off Switch
  • Range of lenses -20 D to +20D
  • 5 Apertures
  • 2 x AA Rechargeable Batteries Included
  • With USB/240V desktop charger stand