M2 Multi-Tip Shower Commode Chair

M2 Multi-Tip Shower Commode Chair

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M2 Multi-Tip Shower Commode Chair - Electric Height & Tilt Adjustable.

More dignity for the user, better working environment for the carer.


  • Flexible Positioning: Were and how you need it. The electric adjustment of the height is independent from the tip function. This enables to achieve the right working position and improves the working environment for the helper.
  • Raise Weight: The horizontal seat height can be adjusted from 50 to 95 cm with low 47 cm chair entering height.
  • Electric Tilt: Seat angle can be tipped 5¡ forwards and 35¡ back, by using the simple hand control.
  • Wheel Direction Control: As standard, one of the wheels is a direction controlled wheel. (dark grey brake) This improves the manoeuvring and secure the working environment for the carer.


150 kg
Seat Height:
50-95 cm (Lowest seat height with negative tilt (-5¡) = 47 cm
Width Between Armrests:
46 cm
Max Width:
61 cm
81 cm (without footrests), 115 cm (with footrests)
125 mm wheels w/grey rubber and ball bearing. Double-acting brake on 3 of the wheels. The fourth wheel is a direction controlled castor.
Back Rest:
45 cm x 43,5 cm. Depth adjustment up to 10 cm. Net weave adjustable with 2 buckles for depth adjustment. Washable up to 80 degrees. Do not tumble dry.
Soft Foam Parts Seat:

4,5 cm thick PU foam, 
Lid: 2,5 cm PU foam.
Foam armrests: 2,5 cm PU foam

El-Motor & Battery:
Continuously variable blockable engine. Surface treated metal. The batteries can normally operate up and down 20-30 times before being recharged. El-tightness = IP66 (dustproof and protected against water beams)