Hospital Mattress Overlay

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Hospital Mattress Overlay

Hospital Mattress Overlay is specifically designed with quality and expert manufacturing. Used in hospitals and clinical settings; for added pressure relief in patient care. Fits on any mattress as an overlay.

The Hospital Mattress Overlay is designed with superior craftsmanship. The seams are stitched, welded and taped for infection control minimisation.

Enabling patients to avoid and minimize pressure area problems, the Hospital Mattress Overlay is a necessity for frail, aged and lightweight patients. The memory foam overlay contours softly and gently to the body; for extra support and added comfort.

The Hospital Mattress Overlay fits firmly over the existing mattress. It is not to be used without a mattress underneath. Suitable for use within the clinical setting.

Special Features

  • 6 year warranty for body,
  • 2 year warranty for cover,
  • Medium density memory foam,
  • Firm fit to any mattress,
  • Fire retardant, water resistant, easy clean surface and bacteriostatically treated for infection minimisation.

  • Weight 7 kg
    Dimensions 95 × 23 × 23 cm

    An excellent and superior product; designed exclusively for hospitals and care facilities. Enabling caregivers, clinicians and physicians peace of mind; in regard to client comfort where pressure area care and support is concerned.
    Quality and superiority is backed by long warranties. An amazing, genuine product.