Easy Shower Stool by Etac

Easy Shower Stool by Etac

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Easy Shower Stool by Etac

Sturdy and stable circular shower stool with four adjustable non-slip legs with incorporated lock function for extra safety, and optional swiveling contoured seat for added user mobility and comfort.

Key Features

  • The Etac Easy Shower Stool has a comfortable, concave polypropylene seat which facilitates water drainage to prevent accidental slips.
  • The aluminium and polypropylene legs can be adjusted to give the desired seat height, between 49.5 -53.5 cm.
  • The legs are angled outwards for maximum stability and the mounting permits flexibility to cope with weight displacement which can occur during use.
  • For added safety the legs have push buttons which lock into position when weight is put onto the shower stool.
  • The feet are tipped with soft non-slip ferrules which adjust perfectly to the floor and the legs can be easily removed for cleaning and storage.
  • The optional soft contoured cushion with non-slip cover snaps securely onto the seat for added user warmth and comfort.

The Easy Swivel soft cushion offers increased mobility and rotates with minimum effort for ease of showering. The swivel plate can easily be disassembled for thorough cleaning.


Download: Etac Shower Stools

Weight :
Dimensions :
40 x 38 cm
Weight Capacity : 130 kg
Warranty : 5 year