Denmark Shower Commode Chair

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Denmark Shower Commode Chair

HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Feel confident that the chair will fit over all bathroom fittings. 7 seat heights can be adjusted with clips without tools. Perfect for any resident even were commodes may be shared within a facility.

WATERPROOF MATERIALS: Denmark Shower Commode is made with long lasting, waterproof materials. Powder coated aluminised steel developed for providing more structural durability and a high yield strength in highly corrosive environments. Together with impact resistant and light plastics and TPE coating.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Coming at 12.6 kg fully assembled including footrests Denmark is one of the lightest height adjustable commodes at high weight capacity in the market today.

STRONG, HIGH CAPACITY: Massive telescopic legs providing high stability even with residents of up to 150 kg without instability. Confidence and piece of mind.

MADE IN EUROPE: Designed in Denmark and produced under danish quality standards.

SLIP RESISTANT ARM RESTS: The armrests have a generous a TPE coating. The TPE is comfortable to rest your arms on, as it is hygienic and nonslip. The armrest can be removed easily by swinging it to a 45° angle and removing it sideways. This provides optimal accessibility by sideways transfers.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES: A wide variety of accessories ensures good adjustment to the individual user. Extend and customise your shower commode char. After all everyone has different needs for a commode chair. Denmark shower commode lets you customise to fit your needs.

CLOSED CIRCUIT CASTER WHEELS: Castors protected against hair and dirt for long lasting smooth and hygienic ride.

FLEXIBLE PLASTIC BACKREST: The plastic backrest gives comfortable support and is easy and simple to clean and disinfect. Long lasting, ergonomic and supportive.

Commode size


  • Height adjustable
  • Waterproof materials
  • Lightweight
  • Strong, high capacity
  • Slip resistant arm rests
  • Optional accessories
  • Closed circuit caster wheels
  • Flexible plastic brackrest


Nielsen Shower Commode
Weight (incl. Footrests) 12.6 kg
Capacity 150 kg
Seat depth 45 cm
Seat Height 44.5 – 56.5 cm (adjustable)
Width Between Armrests 47.5 cm
Max Width 58 cm
Length (without the footrests) 60 cm
Assembly Some assembly required