Denmark Shower Chair

Denmark Shower Chair

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Ergonomically designed for freedom of movement and personal customisation.

Your choice of a 41cm or 50cm seat width at no extra cost.

Back rest cutouts offer generous upper body and elbow space for a non restrictive hygiene experience.

Aluminium frame design offers a rustproof and durable lifespan perfect for medical facilities or at home use.

Height adjustable from a small 42cm up to a nice tall 58cm.

Armrests positioned lower and curved outwards for added space and improved balance support.

Download: User User Manual


    41cm  50cm
    Capacity 150 kg 150 kg
    Weight 5.0 kg 4.7 kg
    Width Between Armrests 50 cm 41 cm
    Max Width 66 cm 59 cm
    Seat Height 42 – 58 cm 42 – 58 cm