Air Mattress #10 by Premium

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The Air Mattress #10 by Premium is manufactured and designed specifically for customer comfort and easy storage. A no fuss mattress with long lasting performance and genuine ability. A perfect addition to the clinical facility; specifically targeting pressure area care.

The Air Mattress #10 is made for long lasting wear. Manufactured by Premium and crafted exclusively for the consumer market. This mattress boasts an in-built pump for easy inflation and deflation. Rated as a best seller; for its easy to use management and pressure area care versatility.

Available for use any time and anywhere you need it; especially in a clinical environment. Comfort and quality can be experienced by the user with minimal fuss. The Air Mattress #10 is suitable for older children and adults. Maximum comfort and quality can be expected. Manufactured specifically for medical environments.

Special features include: cushioned support, waterproof surface, inbuilt pump, tear free durable fabric and quality manufacturing. Requires a connection to a power source to enable inflation and/or deflation; via mains electricity. Capacity is 250kg and a 2 year warranty is also included.

The Air Mattress #10 By Premium is a genuine, well crafted and superior product. Built for long lasting use. A must for every clinician or medical facility to ensure superior long lasting resident comfort and care.


Download: Air Mattress #10 by Premium


Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 95 × 23 cm